Online Incorporation or hire an attorney?

In today’s world you can basically educate yourself about anything; you can do your taxes, incorporate, program, design and etc.; one thing you can educate about is the set of documents required to start a company. It’s not just the incorporation itself which is easy. There are several websites that offer automated document production. Honestly, one or two they are pretty good. But my views is follows. Yes you can save a few hundred dollars by doing it yourself on an online website. if you want to do it right you should probably read about it and educate yourself and that takes time and a learning curve. Many founders get it wrong in terms of vesting, board nomination, number of stock and etc. I think it’s actually better to hire an attorney. Sometimes, in my case for instance, we are only talking about saving a few hundred dollars. Some situations require some twist and turns and then definitely you need an attorney. Making mistakes from the get go can cost you much more down the road.