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Seffi Kaminitz


Seffi Kaminitz is a dedicated and experienced attorney who has been representing technology companies and investors in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters for over 25 years. Before founding Kaminitz Law, Seffi was a senior member at a large law firm. He led many transactions, including complex technology licensing deals, Venture Capital financing, and M&A transactions. Seffi represented companies and negotiated transactions with major VC funds.

Seffi developed a unique perspective on strategic business matters which combined legal perspective, business considerations, and technology. He is experienced working closely with serial entrepreneurs and investors, both at a law firm and as an in-house counsel at a VC firm.

Seffi is admitted to practice in the State of California and the State of New York. Seffi is also admitted to practice in Israel; LL.M graduate of the University of Pennsylvania; LL.B College of Management Academic Studies in Israel.


Our clients include top-ranked venture-backed companies. We become a part of the company team, assisting in all matters, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreements, strategic initiatives, capital investments, and legal compliance. We offer personalized support and services based on client's needs and represent clients who are just starting their business to clients with an established and growing consumer base. We pride ourselves on our ability to be responsive and provide fast, thorough, and reliable service to all clients.


Kaminitz Law focuses on servicing technology based startup companies with a wide array of technology transactions and corporate matters. We offer conscientious and cost effective solutions to meet our client’s unique needs while still maintaining industry and venture capitalist standards.

  • Technology transactions

    • License Agreements
    • OEM Agreements
    • MSA, SLA, and Support Agreements
    • Terms of Service and EULA
  • Corporate

    • Startup Incorporation
    • Founder's Stock Purchase
    • Agreements
    • Employment and Consulting
  • Startup corporate finance

    • Venture Capital Funding
    • Series Seed Financing
    • Convertible Notes
    • M&A
  • Business transactions

    • Strategic Partnership Agreements
    • Reseller and Distribution Agreements
    • White Label and Co-Branding Agreements
    • Vendor Agreements
  • Open a U.S Bank Account

    • Assist Foreign Founders Open a US bank account
    • Assist foreign individuals open a US bank account

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