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Seffi Kaminitz


Seffi Kaminitz, a dedicated and seasoned attorney, brings over 25 years of extensive experience to the table, specializing in serving technology companies and investors across a diverse spectrum of corporate and commercial matters. Prior to establishing Kaminitz Law, Seffi held a senior position at…


Kaminitz Law focuses on servicing technology based startup companies with a wide array of technology transactions and corporate matters. We offer conscientious and cost effective solutions to meet our client’s unique needs while still maintaining industry and venture capitalist standards.

  • Technology transactions

    • License Agreements
    • OEM Agreements
    • MSA, SLA, and Support Agreements
    • Terms of Service and EULA
  • Corporate

    • Startup Incorporation
    • Founder's Stock Purchase
    • Agreements
    • Employment and Consulting
  • Startup corporate finance

    • Venture Capital Funding
    • Series Seed Financing
    • Convertible Notes
    • M&A
  • Business transactions

    • Strategic Partnership Agreements
    • Reseller and Distribution Agreements
    • White Label and Co-Branding Agreements
    • Vendor Agreements
  • Open a US Bank Account

    • Assistance in Opening a Bank Account for Individials
    • Assistance in opening a bank account for companies



We are looking for talented and hardworking new members to meet the needs of our ever-growing client base.
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